Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Hollister Biker Rally in 2011?

Do you know where this mural is in downtown Hollister?

Yep. It's in Wentz Alley on the wall of Johnny's Bar and Grill. Originally painted in 1996, it was repainted in 2007 by artist (and biker) Ronald Rocha from San Antonio.

The mural depicts Hollister's part in the American biker history.  Some say the American biker tradition began in our sweet agricultural haven on the July 4th weekend of 1947.  For years, an annual motorcycle event took place at Bolado Park on the Fourth of July. In 1947, some bikers went into town for drinks and got frisky and loud. Somehow, the media learned about the ruckus and spun the rowdiness into wild and destructive abandonment. You know how that goes with some media guys. They spin things out of context, especially if they can make money out of it.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando?  That's  loosely-goosely based on the 1947 incident. 

In 1997, the City of Hollister decided to hold a Fourth of July Independence Motorcycle Rally downtown to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that event. It turned into an annual happening that brought thousands of bikers into town. Although it was cancelled in 2009, many bikers continue to visit the area to check out July 4 events held by local motorcycle groups and Johnny's Bar and Grill.

There's talk of holding the rally in 2011. Some members of the community plan to address the issue at the open session part of the Hollister City Council meeting on Monday, August 2.  The meeting will be held at City Hall, with the open session beginning around 6:30 p.m.

Folks can express their opinions, whether for or against the rally, during the "Public Comment" segment. According to one of the council members, the "Public Comment" segment normally starts early in the meeting. Speakers are limited to three minutes to present their opinions. Council members do not discuss, debate, or take action on any presentations made during "Public Comment." However, they may choose to put the issue on the agenda at a future Council meeting.

If you're interested in making a statement about the rally, here is your chance.

In the meanwhile, here are some links that may interest you:

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