Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday in Hollister: What is There Now?

Photo is courtesy of the Wapple House Museum Research Room,
San Benito County Historical Society.
This photo shows the Hartmann Hotel around 1922. Several decades later it became the Dabo Hotel. According to the California Tourist Guide and Handbook by Wells and Aubrey Drury, which was published in 1913, lodging at the Hartmann Hotel was $2.50 A.P. (a person?). We'll never see those kind of lodging prices again!

The Hartmann Hotel was located on San Benito Street. Do you know what business is on that corner today? Can you bank on it?

For a sharper view of the Hartmann Hotel in the 1920s, click here.

Click here to see how the hotel, now known as Dabo Hotel, looked in 1961.

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