Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pinnacles National Park...Soon!

Last night, the bill to change Pinnacles National Monument to the status of a national park was passed in the Senate. That means that all it needs now is to be signed into law by President Obama. What a wonderful start to 2013. Whoo-hooo!

By the way, the park is working on a new general management plan. The public is invited to read the proposed plan and make comments on it until January 11. If you're interested, click here to access it at the park's Web site.

Happy New Year, Dear Readers! Happy New Year!


  1. Su-sieee, If that makes you whoo-hooo, I'm happy too. I like that tree.

  2. Love this shot through the trees. Yes that's a great coup for the Pinnacles as it will permanently protect parts that would otherwise be in jeopardy for future visitors. All for that!


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