Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Burger Factory

I am almost embarrassed to say how often we get take-out at the Burger Factory. It's not daily nor several times a week, but if the husband and I were younger and more active, it would be. So far, it's every 7 to 10 days that we tootle down to the tiny shack on San Benito Street for what we believe are the most delicious and affordable hamburgers and french fries in town.

The Burger Factory opened last fall. Originally it was called the Burger Hut, but a chain with the same name told the owners that they better change the name of their business or else. Old name, new name, doesn't matter. The food is just plain yummmmm!  

Julie and Jin Hyun are the owners who do all the cooking and serving, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday through Saturday. Smiling Julie takes orders and runs around in the small place, putting together salads and greenery to dishes, while her husband Jin attends to the grill. On rainy or cold days, Julie has told us to go back to our car and then she brings our order to us when it's ready. How's that for service.

My favorite burger is a tie between the jalapeño burger and the mushroom burger. Jalapeño or mushroom slices are nestled between the perfectly grilled hamburger meat and sliced onions and tomatoes. Yummmm. If hamburgers aren't your thing, you can try the other items, such as teriyaki bowls, fish and chips, hot link sandwiches, and steak sandwiches. Yummmm. Recently, the Hyuns started offering breakfast croissants and coffee for morning fare.

The Burger Factory is located at 125 San Benito Street, the east side, between First and Second Streets. it's between the railroad crossing and the once-upon-a time Bishop Motors (I can't remember what's in that spot now.) A few tables are available for you to sit and eat your food, if you can't wait until you get home.

And, no, I wasn't paid to write how much I like the Burger Factory. A couple times, Julie did give me some homemade kimchi for free when I  kiddingly asked once if they'd ever offer kimchi burgers. Her kimchi is yummmmmmm. She won't be selling it anytime soon though. She says it's too much work to be able to offer if all the time. I'm not embarrassed to say this: I do want the Burger Factory to stay around forever.

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