About Me

Contact info: susieeemac (at) gmail (dot) com
Dear Readers,

Hello! Thank you for clicking by. I hope you're enjoying your visit to Take 25 to Hollister, California.

Su-sieee! Mac is my handle. I'm pleased to meet you all.

Some of you may know me professionally as Susan Echaore-McDavid. I'm a freelance writer, book author, and development editor. Please head over to my web site for details about my writing and published works.

Hollister, California is my hometown. I was born and raised here over half a century ago. I went away to college and returned many, many years later with the husband. While I lived in the big city, I frequently visited my family in Hollister. But, never did I think I would really move back.

So, here I am. About 10 years now. And, I'm loving it here, as is the husband.

Please come by anytime, and leave a note, if you'd like. I would love hearing from you.

Truly yours,

Su-sieee! Mac



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