Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can a Business Own a Town's Name?

Hollister, California.

Yes, I wrote the name. I'll write it again.

Hollister, California! That's where the heck I live.

Will Abercrombie & Fitch sue me because it says "Hollister California" is its trademark for its fictional surfside town. Will it sue me and every resident who writes Hollister, California to the question "Where do you live?" Or, will it sue all of us residents because we write Hollister, California as part of our return address on our correspondence?

Why am I being so cynical? According to a report on a Bay Area news station last night, Abercrombie & Fitch has sent letters to Hollister merchants notifying them that the use of "Hollister" in their names or merchandise is an infringement on the big corporate's brand. Really? People can't tell the difference between its clothing line and say the Mexican products sold at the Hollister Super Market? Sheesh!

To view the story covered by KTVU, a news station out of Oakland, California, click here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dining Out, Helping Out!

The Community Food Bank of San Benito County (formerly known as the Community Pantry) will be holding its first annual Dining Out Helping Out event this Thursday, April 30. Sponsoring restaurants of the event will donate a portion of their receipts on Thursday to the food bank. Those restaurants are:

According to its Web site, the Community Food Bank serves about 1,700 bags of food to over 5,000 people weekly. And, it puts 92 cents of every dollar they receive into feeding those in need.

So, if on Thursday, you're seeking to enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich, a dessert, a take-out meal, or a sit-down one, be sure to swing over to one of the above local restaurants. You'll be feeding your tummy happy yummies as well as those of others.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Santa Barbara Ice Cream

2/27/12 Update: The Santa Barbara Ice Cream Parlor is no more. Bummer!

Today was hot. No, it was HOT! In the 90s at one point. So, Dick and I headed out to the new ice cream shop in town for tonight's dessert— the Santa Barbara Ice Cream Parlor. My mom and I would’ve been perfectly happy to eat ice cream for dinner. But, a wise man said otherwise.

Santa Barbara Ice Cream Parlor is a franchise established by McConnell’s Creamery of Santa Barbara. I’ve never had any of McConnell’s ice cream but I figure if the ice cream is made in Santa Barbara, it just may be worth my while.

I was right.

The shop has been open for a few months, and the friendly young man behind the counter said they’ve been doing well, but should do better once they begin advertising. It’s in an ideal location, on McCray Street, right next to the Premiere Cinemas.

All the ice creams and sherberts looked so fresh and delicious. We went with a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip (Dick’s standard) and a pint of Coconutty Professor, as I’d been craving coconut for a while.

My mom, Dick, and I were not disappointed when we finally ate our dish of ice cream after dinner. With our first taste, Dick and I exclaimed in unison, “This ice cream is yummy!” Really, we did say that at the same time.

The Mint Chocolate Chip was laced full of tiny chiplets and the Coconutty Professor had a surprising amount of toasted coconut and walnuts. Both ice creams tasted rich yet light. They reminded me of gelato, while Dick thought it was like eating homemade ice cream.

Santa Barbara Ice Cream sells cones, shakes, floats, smoothies, and coffee blasts. It also takes orders for customized ice cream cakes. I also noticed iced cold drinks on sale and a rack of other snacks.

Starting Tuesday May 19, the shop is starting its promotion Baler Bailout Tuesday’s. Between 6 and 9 p.m., it will sell single scoops of ice cream for one dollar a scoop. You can't beat that that these days.

Tomorrow will be another HOT day. I can hardly wait for us to eat the rest of the ice creams. Yum!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Historical Fifth & San Benito

Isn't this sign hysterical?

It’s one of my favorites around Hollister. Not to worry. Head on down. There’s lots of parking, on the street and in the parking garage. You just can’t park where that particular sign stands.

I suppose a sign of having lived a long life is when the downtown you've always known is now called "historic." What I wonder is if there's a Historic Downtown Hollister, where's the modern one?

According to a brochure by the Hollister Downtown Association, Historic Downtown Hollister is from Third Street (north end) to South Street (south end, naturally) and between Monterey Street (west end) and East Street (east end). That’s five cute blocks from north to south and two blocks, just as cute, from west to east. Easy to mosey or stride. And, yes, you will find most of the downtown shops and restaurants within those boundaries.

Here's a peek at what's on the historical corner of Fifth & San Benito Streets.

Yes, that's part of the Diablo range in the background.

This was the old Bank of America building.



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