Monday, April 27, 2009

Dining Out, Helping Out!

The Community Food Bank of San Benito County (formerly known as the Community Pantry) will be holding its first annual Dining Out Helping Out event this Thursday, April 30. Sponsoring restaurants of the event will donate a portion of their receipts on Thursday to the food bank. Those restaurants are:

According to its Web site, the Community Food Bank serves about 1,700 bags of food to over 5,000 people weekly. And, it puts 92 cents of every dollar they receive into feeding those in need.

So, if on Thursday, you're seeking to enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich, a dessert, a take-out meal, or a sit-down one, be sure to swing over to one of the above local restaurants. You'll be feeding your tummy happy yummies as well as those of others.

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