Monday, April 6, 2009

Historical Fifth & San Benito

Isn't this sign hysterical?

It’s one of my favorites around Hollister. Not to worry. Head on down. There’s lots of parking, on the street and in the parking garage. You just can’t park where that particular sign stands.

I suppose a sign of having lived a long life is when the downtown you've always known is now called "historic." What I wonder is if there's a Historic Downtown Hollister, where's the modern one?

According to a brochure by the Hollister Downtown Association, Historic Downtown Hollister is from Third Street (north end) to South Street (south end, naturally) and between Monterey Street (west end) and East Street (east end). That’s five cute blocks from north to south and two blocks, just as cute, from west to east. Easy to mosey or stride. And, yes, you will find most of the downtown shops and restaurants within those boundaries.

Here's a peek at what's on the historical corner of Fifth & San Benito Streets.

Yes, that's part of the Diablo range in the background.

This was the old Bank of America building.


  1. Okay, it's the end of a long day, but I finally see the humor in your photo. I'm not usually one to laugh out loud, but I am rolling on the floor, because the two signs together couldn't be more accurate. We are having a parking problem with employees parking in two hour spaces all day, especially on Fifth Street...your picture is just perfect. Thanks for the laugh!


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