Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Deli-issh Eats!

Dick and I may have found our go-to place when we want a deli-ishhh sandwich. For us, it means taking the Highway 25 bypass to get across town and then turning north on San Felipe Road to head towards the Hollister International Airport. It’s well worth driving the extra minute or two to to get to Victoria’s.

This Italian deli is in one of those nondescript industrial-park store fronts. Inside, it definitely is far from bland. It’s cute and clean with a sense of fun. That day, balloons and signs wishing "Happy Birthday Nana" were sprinkled about the shop. The deli is mostly a take-out place, but there are a few tables for sit-down eating.

Victoria’s serves breakfast and lunch fare. The lunch menu includes salads, soups, sandwiches, and pastas. There are also desserts. A breakfast menu is also available. Click here to download a copy of the menu.

We each went with a box lunch, which included a deli sandwich, choice of pasta salad or chips, a cookie, and soda. Dick ordered a turkey sandwich, while I asked for a forest ham. My mom's a light eater, so I figured I could share my sandwich with her. But, I also ordered her a cup of clam chowder, in case the sandwiches were petite.

When we opened the boxes at home, we were very surprised with the hefty portions. How big? Dick and I are not dainty eaters, but I was full after eating half of half of my sandwich, while Dick was content after eating half of his. Leftovers for dinner or for lunch the next day. I, being the cook, am always grateful for one less meal to think about creating.

The sandwiches, the pasta salad that came with my meal, and Mama’s clam chowder were all delish! Fresh, tasty, and tummy-satisfying. A cute, roll-sized baguette came with the soup. Both the soup and roll were hits with my mom, and, she's a very picky eater. Next time we go to Victoria's, I plan on trying the pasta pesto, lasagna, or cheese ravioli. . .or, maybe the Meatball Italiano sandwich…or the turkey avocado or. . . .

The downside to Victoria’s: It’s only open Monday through Friday. Victoria's is located at 1745 San Felipe Road, #3.

For more about Victoria’s, check out these two links:

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