Monday, March 9, 2009

The Knife & Fork Cafe

For the last hour, I have been thinking about the lemon cake that the Knife & Fork Cafe has listed on its menu. I’ve been to this restaurant on San Benito Street twice, and I have yet to try it. On my first visit (September 2008), I decided to be wise and eat a fortified breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Yum!

The second time there—just last Friday—I was full after eating a grilled Portobello sandwich and a scoop of potato salad. My juicy sandwich was delicious, but the potato salad. Oh, yum, now that is something to drool about in memory. It was just right. For me, that means a bit of crunch with each bite and the potato concoction was not glistening in mayonnaise. I also like that the scoop was placed on a slight bed of salad greens. One of my companions had a grilled salmon salad, which I think I’ll try another day. A big portion of wild salmon was set prettily on a big plateful of greens. It looked well worth the price.

The Knife & Fork opened last summer. It's located on San Benito Street, across from the Veteran’s Memorial Building. You can’t miss it. It’s next to Browns Alley where the building next door exhibits a huge, beautiful mural, which was painted by some Gavilan art students under the direction of their instructor Arturo Rosette. The mural is another reason why I’ll head down to Knife & Fork again. I like looking at it, whether through the restaurant’s side windows or at its reflection in the mirrors on the restaurant’s southern wall.

Currently, the Knife & Fork is open for breakfast and lunch. It’s a friendly and comfortable place to hang out. When my party sat down to eat on Friday afternoon, we didn’t realize they were about to close. Our waiter said not to worry. We got there before the closing hour (4:30) and we could stay as long as we want. Music to our ears. So, we decided to eat an early dinner, which was great for the cooks in the party.

The proprietors say that they’ll soon be open for dinner. They are also getting permits to put out tables in the alley for outdoor service. Oh, boy! I can see sitting next to that mural on a warm summer evening as I finally eat a slice of lemon cake.

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  1. Every St. Patrick's Day, for the past few years, we have met our daughter and grandaughter at this restaurant for lunch. I think it has changed hands. Until this year, we have always enjoyed it. We fit it in between grandaughters Irish Dancing performances at local schools. We ordered yesterday, with an hour before the next performance. It should have been plenty of time to get lunch. FIFTY minutes later, we finally received our lunch. Other patrons had come after us, had their lunch, and already left. How we got put at the end of the line, I don't know, but it didn't make me to happy to pay close to $100.00 for a lunch that we had to immediately pack into togo boxes. They sat in the car for an hour, while the girls were dancing, before we were able to eat them. Thus, a lot of the lunch was thrown out. I guess we have to find a new restaurant for next year.

  2. Pat, sorry to hear about your service at the restaurant. You're more patient than I am. I will actually leave a restaurant if I don't get service on a timely basis. Usually, when I feel I've wasted good money on poor service, I write to the restaurant manager or owner to let him or her know about my experience. It may fall on a deaf ear, but I feel better for telling the manager or owner. Best wishes.


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