Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shimmering Yellow Mustard


Mustard is growing in the empty field near the corner of Chappell Road and Santa Ana Road. The yellow mustard was practically glowing in the afternoon sun today.  Normally, by now, the mustard would be several feet high. Better late than never.

Hurrah for the rain!


  1. I never realized (or even thought about) this being mustard.
    Golly. I have a lot to learn . . I only knew yellow comes first. (giggle - silly me.)

  2. Mustard fields are so beautiful with all their yellow flowers!

  3. Ah, the yellow mustard is beautiful! Maybe the rain today makes me more awake, but I finally clicked today on top to see your pages (or whatever Blogspot calls them). Thank you much for your recent comments - I may have missed some, - and if I did, sorry! - as I was painting in the studio all day for the last month, and to worn out to pay adequate attention to my blog friends. Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes, better late than never for sure. It's kind of beautiful and I would have guessed some kind of yellow weed.

  5. I love seeing all that glorious color! It certainly reminds me of California in Spring

  6. Beautiful field of color. I like your photos!

  7. ...fields of gold are a wonderful spring sight, they are appearing here too!

  8. I love any kind of yellow flower. Mustard and dandelions make fields and lawns so beautiful in spring. - Margy


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