Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hollister's Own Abercrombie

The 2009 Miss San Benito Rodeo was crowned over the weekend. Drum roll please. . . . Hail Queen Alyssa Abercrombie!

Is she related to the A in A&F, the corporation that has a fit about Hollister businesspeople sporting their hometown name's on their merchandise? Don't know. Still, who doesn't like the irony of it all. Now, if only one of the other contestants had been a Fitch.

A Hearty Congrats to our new Miss San Benito Rodeo!! She will be reigning over the 76th Annual San Benito County Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo on June 26 and 27 at Bolado Park.

She'll also be in the annual parade, which takes place on Thursday, June 25 through downtown Hollister. To see photos of last year's parade, please click here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pedaling Along Southside Road

I don't care what the calendar says. We are now in wonderful, wondrous summer! The hills around Hollister are now golden brown. The thistles are outstanding in the field, as are the bales of hay. What better thing to do on a summer day than to pedal around the backroads. Yep.

Yesterday, the husband and I wandered along Southside Road. Only a bit because we're bordering on out of shapeness. Again. The road parallels CA 25 between Hollister and Tres Pinos. By the end of summer we ought to be pedaling the full length of the zigs and zags, and ups and downs of Southside Road to Tres Pinos.

The photos are just a few of the sights we saw yesterday. Just click on the photos to get a full-size gander. And, yes, the sky was truly that blue.



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