Monday, April 20, 2009

Santa Barbara Ice Cream

2/27/12 Update: The Santa Barbara Ice Cream Parlor is no more. Bummer!

Today was hot. No, it was HOT! In the 90s at one point. So, Dick and I headed out to the new ice cream shop in town for tonight's dessert— the Santa Barbara Ice Cream Parlor. My mom and I would’ve been perfectly happy to eat ice cream for dinner. But, a wise man said otherwise.

Santa Barbara Ice Cream Parlor is a franchise established by McConnell’s Creamery of Santa Barbara. I’ve never had any of McConnell’s ice cream but I figure if the ice cream is made in Santa Barbara, it just may be worth my while.

I was right.

The shop has been open for a few months, and the friendly young man behind the counter said they’ve been doing well, but should do better once they begin advertising. It’s in an ideal location, on McCray Street, right next to the Premiere Cinemas.

All the ice creams and sherberts looked so fresh and delicious. We went with a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip (Dick’s standard) and a pint of Coconutty Professor, as I’d been craving coconut for a while.

My mom, Dick, and I were not disappointed when we finally ate our dish of ice cream after dinner. With our first taste, Dick and I exclaimed in unison, “This ice cream is yummy!” Really, we did say that at the same time.

The Mint Chocolate Chip was laced full of tiny chiplets and the Coconutty Professor had a surprising amount of toasted coconut and walnuts. Both ice creams tasted rich yet light. They reminded me of gelato, while Dick thought it was like eating homemade ice cream.

Santa Barbara Ice Cream sells cones, shakes, floats, smoothies, and coffee blasts. It also takes orders for customized ice cream cakes. I also noticed iced cold drinks on sale and a rack of other snacks.

Starting Tuesday May 19, the shop is starting its promotion Baler Bailout Tuesday’s. Between 6 and 9 p.m., it will sell single scoops of ice cream for one dollar a scoop. You can't beat that that these days.

Tomorrow will be another HOT day. I can hardly wait for us to eat the rest of the ice creams. Yum!


  1. Is the Baywood Creamery still there? It was on San Benito St when I was a kid and they had awesome ice cream!

    Born in Hollister in 1946

  2. Hiya Chuck,

    Nope the Baywood Creamery is no more. But the building is still there and it's a sushi restaurant. A decent one too. Before that it was a bar/restaurant, and before that a brewery.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh pooh! That just shows you how long it's been since I have been home. I hope to make a trip soon and will definitely try out Santa Barbara Ice Cream

  4. "Thus it is that the best ice cream in the world, as anyone who has tried it will argue, is sold by McConnell's in California..."
    Time magazine

    "...we set out to satisfy a curious sweet tooth by combining our love of chocolate and ice cream in this search for the perfect marriage. BEST OF THE BEST...McConnell's of Santa Barbara. McConnell's is known among ice cream connoisseurs for its bold, natural flavors, richness and wholesomeness."
    Los Angeles Times

    "The secret to McConnell's ice cream is quality of ingredients and naturalness. They use only pure fresh cream, sugar or honey, eggs and 100% pure flavorings. No other ice cream is so rich and creamy...something like what grandma churned out on a hot summer day."
    Orange County LA Guide

    "The extremely rich flavors is why McConnell's wins our poll time and time again. This 44 year old business has a gold medal French Vanilla and silver medal Red-Raspberry sorbet that are to die for."
    SB Independent

  5. Ok, now I gotta try it. McConnells in Santa Barbara, I work there every week! I am definitely planning on an afternoon snack this week! Thanks anonymous!!

  6. Chuck Santa Barbara ice cream parlor is in Hollister , it located right in front of premier movie theater next to domino pizza and it is open 7 days a week.Ice cream is originally from Mcconells/Santa Barbara ice creamery Santa Barbara CA.

  7. I like to go outside and eat delicious food like I go to Dominos.Co.Uk for their tasty pizzas.


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