Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lover's Leap

Heading down (west) on Pacheco Pass. That peak up ahead is Lover's Leap

That craggy peak on Pacheco Pass (Highway 156) just past Bell Station is called Lover's Leap. I just learned that a few months ago. Here's what else I learned.
  • It's 1,096 feet high.
  • The land form used to be a volcano under a sea millions of years ago.
  • The peak is also called Hollenbeck's Rock. The Mr. Hollenbeck for whom the mountain was named had owned Bell Station, which was called Hollenbeck Stage Station.
  • An Indian princess climbed up to the peak and leapt to her death, hence the name Lover's Leap. One story goes that she was in love with a man from another tribe, which was a big no no. Romeo and Juliet all over again. 
  • Hiking up the mountain is possible
What do you know about Lover's Leap?

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