Monday, October 6, 2008

Hanging Out at the County Fair

A pocket holder for band-aids from Hazel Hawkins Hospital.

A yellow rubber stress reliever from the Seniors Council.

A box of cute note cards, by students of San Benito rural schools, from the E Cubed Foundation.

Trail maps of Henry W. Coe State Park

Six raffle tickets for a hand-made quilt fundraiser by the Community Pantry.

Those were a few things that we brought home from the San Benito County Fair. That and a cozy feeling of being relaxed and protected from realities, even when passing by the NRA, the Democratic and Republican parties', and the various law enforcement booths. It was ironic, though, that no one was manning the bank booth when we passed by.

I didn’t bring home an honorable mention ribbon like I had hoped. QuĂ© bummer. Maybe next year, I’ll enter different crafts and flower arrangement categories to expand my chances for a ribbon.

There was quite a lot of good stuff to see, especially among the children’s entries. My favorites were

. . .the vegetable animals

. . .the flag made of marshmallows

. . .the white chick who reminded me of Phyllis Diller

. . .the ceramic piggy and the real piggy named Oreo

. . .the cake made in the shape of a ladybug

. . . the humongous pumpkins

. . .and these two gentle horsemen!


  1. Hi, P.J.,

    Thanks for stopping by. :-) We also saw HUGE brown bunnies at the fair. The kids took care of them well. Just wish there was another way of displaying them so they weren't stuck in those cages.

    You've got a couple of cool sites!

  2. I came across your blog because I was reading about county fairs, BUT what a great BLOG! Thanks for the interesting reading.

  3. Hi, Baley,

    I appreciate the visit and your comments. Makes my day. :-)

    FYI, everyone: Baley is a county fair consultant. Check out her site, by clicking on her name above.


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