Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Homecoming Parade

There’s a parade happening down San Benito Street this Friday afternoon. It’s the homecoming parade for Hollister High (officially known as San Benito High School).

Yep, lots of energy going on in this town this week. Big election (Hurrah for President-elect Obama!) and homecoming week. The JV and Varsity teams will be playing Palma High School, from Salinas, for their last home game.

FYI: The Hollister High varsity team is said to have the most unique mascot in the United States—the Haybaler or ‘Baler. I don’t know. I think the JV team’s mascot is rather matchless as well. It’s the Hayseed. To learn about how the ‘Baler mascot came to be, click here.

I haven’t been to a Hollister High homecoming parade in nearly 40 years. As a sophomore, I marched the mile or so of the parade barefoot as a bandaged up “Indian” holding an end of a blanket in which a fallen mate (made out of straw) laid. I was part of the Red Cross Club and we were pretending to be members of the opposing team who were clobbered by the ‘Balers. The other team had some kind of Indian mascot. I’m sure it didn’t make sense then either.

Ah, the memories. Anyway, if you happen to be in downtown Hollister this Friday, stay around for the parade if you can. It'll start at 2 p.m.

Hey 'Balers!

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