Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fresh Cherries in Hollister

Cherries! Yum, double exclamation points. No make it three of 'em. Yum!!!

Yesterday, the husband and I bought our first cherries from the Ivancovich Family Orchards on Buena Vista Road. Two kinds, the regular dark red ones and the light colored ones. They were plump and full of taste. Yum!!!

We are late this year buying our first cherries from the cute wooden fruit stand on Buena Vista Road. So, that means we need to buy a box of cherries sooner than later, if I want to make a cherry pie or two and dehydrate some for later eating.

An 18 pound box is $46. To buy them otherwise is $3 a pound. Steep, according to the elderly man who was seeking apricots.   Said he, "I bought cherries for $1.99 at the supermarket."

"These are really tasty. Worth the price," we said.

"My $1.99 cherries are tasty," said he.

I doubted it. Fresh-picked cherries bought directly from the farmer generally taste better than cherries that have been sitting at the market for a few days. Any day.

John, the teenager tending the stand, said that they'll be there through the Fourth of July. Theirs is a late crop. He's not sure about how far into July that they'll be selling though. So head on out to Buena Vista Road if you're seeking fresh cherries.

The fruit stand sits under the shade of a tall tree on the north side of the road. You should see it just before you drive into that curve as you head east into Hollister. Or, if you're coming the other way, as you come out of the curve.  That probably doesn't mean a thing unless you know Buena Vista Road. So, enter 2420 Buena Vista Road into a Google search engine to pull up the Google map on the address.

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