Saturday, March 9, 2013

Point Lobos

The Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is another gem on the Pacific Coast that is near Hollister. It's only 48 miles away, just to the south of Carmel-by-the Sea off of Highway One. I suggest you turn off all your electronics when you visit the reserve so you can truly have a relaxing experience. Everything is magical, from watching the ocean waves to viewing the wildlife to seeing the different shapes of trees and rocks.

Point Lobos is the general name for the natural reserve and two adjoining marine protected areas. It's short for Punta de los Lobos Mariños, or the Point of the Sea Wolves. The sea wolves refer to the rocks off this point. Hmmm.

For more info about the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, check out these links:

The theme for this week, March 4 to March 10, on Take 25 to Hollister is the Pacific Coast

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