Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hanging on the Corner of 5th & San Benito

One afternoon the Husband and I were sitting on the bench at the southwest corner of 5th and San Benito, after waddling down the sidewalk from eating a couple of yummylicious burgers at Grillin & Chillin Downtown. That's quite a delightful corner to watch the world go by on a lovely afternoon. As usual, the little non obtrusive camera found its way out of my purse and into my hands to click away. Voila! 

Wentz Alley

Without trying, I now have a series I shall call Hanging on the Corner of 5th and San Benito in Hysterical... okay, Historical...Downtown Hollister. Short title: The View from 5th & San Benito.

Bet you didn't know the series started last Friday with this post? Me, neither.

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