Sunday, October 13, 2013

San Benito County from the Bus

This year the Husband and I took the San Benito County Express's free shuttle to the San Benito County Fair. It was the best way to travel. The only stress for us was making sure we got down to the bus stop in time. We could've driven and parked next to the stop, but the whole idea was to experience getting from here to there and back by just walking and riding the bus.

The final assessment: We would do it again. The bus was clean, comfortable, and safe. Every seat had a seat belt. The drivers were friendly and courteous. The fair had someone on board to sell us our tickets. Convenient, yes? And, the shuttle stop at the fairgrounds was precisely in front of the Pavilion. Hello, no hiking a fair distance from the car over uneven ground. A very nice plus for young old fogeys like the Husband and me.

We got on at Veterans Park, the first stop, so that we could see the sights on the shuttle's full loop around Hollister. To see the photos I took from the shuttle, head over to the album Riding the Free Shuttle to the County Fair at Take 25 to Hollister's Facebook page. You don't need to be signed on or even be a Facebook member to access this link.


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