Friday, May 27, 2016

I Spy . . . Bongo Drums

I spy with my little eye bongo drums in the park on top of Park Hill.  Yes, you can play them. They make a pretty cool sound.


  1. We have similar (not quite as nifty) drums in a new-ish, teeny neighborhood park . . . I haven't heard anyone (except me) give them a try - BUT, they are there, when the little people are ready . . . These - are NICE!!!!

  2. Just yesterday I saw a piano out on the town sidewalk all painted this same color and sporting big polka dots. It had a sign saying "Play Me - I'm yours!" I want to hang around now and see if anyone does! Neat idea.
    Also...on another note... I was looking at getting a Carson motorcycle seat, and there it is! In Hollister! Now we'd so love to go there and get our seat created while we watch. Maybe someday - and stay at the "smiling" bed and breakfast!

    1. Hi, Donna, there's a cafe on site that I think has windows into their work area so you can see them work their magic. I hope you enjoy Hollister when you visit.


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