Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Humanity on Highway 25

First off, no, I haven't give up on this blog. Not yet. I've just been catching up with a lot of things. And not being successful. So, of course to handle being overwhelmed with days, months, and years of stuff that needs being caught up with, I start another blog. Heh-heh. This and That. Here and There. is the other virtual place where I hang my thoughts. I invite all of you gentle readers to check me out there as well.

Okey-dokey, enough said. So, what's new on Highway 25?

For one, the beauty of humanity is in bloom. A group of San Benito High School students are doing their best to raise money to help a frosh classmate who has been diagnosed with cancer. A couple weeks ago, the students went around town and videotaped folks dancing on the spot. Their objective was to post the video on YouTube to spread the word around. And, they did. Here it is from YouTube.

For more info, check out the "Locals Show Off Dance Moves for Cancer Fundraiser" from the Hollister Free Lance.

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