Friday, October 22, 2010

The Halloween Corn Maze

Have you gotten lost in the corn maze yet?

I'm talking about the Swank Farm's Halloween corn maze at 2600 San Felipe Road, just next door (on the north side) of the Hollister Airport. There are only 9 days left, if you haven't checked it out yet.

Every year, the Swanks create a new design for their Maniac Maze, which involves twists and turns through 20 acres of corn. To successfully make your way through and out of the maze, you must find 27 hidden spots that complete the story about the maze. It also helps if you or someone with you has a good great sense of direction. Otherwise. . . .

The amazing maze is open daily until October 31. On weekends, you can try your luck at night. (It's a full moon tomorrow night, by the way.) If you're into being spooked senseless, you might want to venture into the Haunted Conover Mystery Ranch.  Boo!

Swank Farm also offers other fun things for kiddies and grown-ups: Pig races, pumpkin tosses, go-carts, a farm animal zoo, and a pumpkin patch, among other activities.  You can also buy fresh produce, homemade fudge, and other food products, as well as items from the farm's Swanky clothing line, at the farm's country store.

Definitely a fun outing for everyone!  And, no, I wasn't paid, nor had my arm twisted, to write about the Swank Farm.

For more info about the farm and the corn maze, check out these links:


  1. Nice to meet you. I'm following you back. Marnie :0)

  2. Hello!
    I enjoyed reading about the corn maze... what a fascinating story. What do they do when people get really lost?
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. It was good to reconnect with you after so long. I always welcome comments as it give me a chance to meet new friends/bloggers and reconnect with old friends.
    I am now following you back.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Marnie, nice to meet you, too. Thanks for dropping by and following Take 25. I appreciate it.

    Elizabeth, hello. That's a good question about the lost ones. The next time I'm out there, I'll ask. Last year, I've seen makeshift paths which I took to be people who just trashed their way through after getting frustrated. I'm glad we've reconnected. It makes the Internet a smaller world to handle. :-)

  4. Maize mazes are great fun! I enjoyed your post.

  5. I enjoyed reading about the corn maze... what a fascinating story. I'm glad we've reconnected.

  6. Hi H! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by.

    snore stop, thanks. You wouldn't happen to be Moose, would you? :-)


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