Monday, November 15, 2010

The Pacific Brass Band

Want to talk about heavy metal bands? Okay, how about that Pacific Brass Band which performed yesterday afternoon in Hollister?

There was quite a lot of heavy metal in the form of cornets, trombones, flugelhorns, tenor horns, euphoniums, tubas, and percussion. And, their sound was so sweet! The band's rendition of Amazing Grace was just mind blowing. The man sitting behind me thought he was listening to bagpipes.

The Pacific Brass Band is composed of about 33 musicians from San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties. They perform around the area throughout the year. They usually play in Hollister around this time every year.  It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

For more information about the Pacific Brass Band, click  here to visit its Web site.


  1. Wow that's neat! Glad you made it there. I grew up listening to Dixieland a lot in my house because my dad is a big fan of that and big band music.

  2. LD, If you ever have a chance, check 'em out. The bandmaster is so charming and amusing. I liked how he presented history about the songs in a fun way.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for the nice words about our band, the Pacific Brass - we love to share some of the _incredibly_ beautiful arrangements for brass band! BTW, the PBB now has it's own standalone site - pls change the link if possible! We're doing 2 benefit concerts for Hollister schools music Mar 21st & 28th '11 - ck the site for details - would love to see you there! Thanks again! Dave Johnson, Bass T'bone, Sec'try, PBB

  4. Dave, done and did. I appreciate the heads up about your new URL.


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