Saturday, July 30, 2011

Everything Garlic

More than six hours later, I still have a distinct taste of garlic in my mouth. Garlic fries. Garlic ice cream. Shrimp, mushrooms, noodles, BBQ, and sausages laced with oodles of garlic.

Yesterday, the husband and I drove over to Gilroy (not in San Benito County) and sampled some of the garlicky foods for sale at its infamous Garlic Festival.  Consuming all that garlic was for a good cause. Really.

This was the first time I attended the event, which started in 1979. I didn't know until just now that the festival is a major annual fundraiser for Gilroy's many nonprofit organizations. Last year, the festival raised $270,000, according to its Web site. Wow! Okay, maybe I'll excuse it for having to pay $3 for a bottle of water.

The festival continues today and Sunday.

I thought the garlic fries were the best tasting thing I ate.
The potatoes were totally loaded with the stinking rose.

As the mama would say, "Lots of people there."

 Setting the pans on fire was part of the show of cooking in front of a crowd.

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