Monday, November 7, 2011

100 Things I Like: Recology San Benito County

Recology San Benito County offers a comprehensive garbage and recycling system, which I have taken for granted. Hazardous waste, yard waste, recyclable items, electronic waste, you name it, Recology can probably pick it up or tell you where to drop it off. Here's its Web site link to access a lot of info about recycling and garbage collection.

By the way, check out the sides of the Recology garbage trucks for student art work that won in its annual poster contest.

For more 100 Things I Like About Living in Hollister, click on that link.


  1. Hello Su-sieee! It is always nice to visit here, be it meeting a robot or a garbage truck:) I feel a little upbeat after visiting you in your wonderful town of Hollister.

  2. oceangirl, thank you. I appreciate the feedback. :-)


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