Monday, November 28, 2011

100 Things I Like: Fremont Peak State Park

This was taken in January 2011 from Fremont Peak State Park.
I'm looking towards the northwest.
That light stretch of blue beneath
the Santa Cruz mountains is Monterey Bay. For a look-see of the
southeast, click here.

From Fremont Peak, the Pacific Ocean looks like it's not so far away. Ha! Fremont Peak stands over 3,100 feet tall, one of the tallest mountains in San Benito County. It's so worth a drive up to this small state park, which is near San Juan Bautista. The hike up to the highest point is only half a mile from the parking lot. There are a few other trails to explore as well.

Before heading up, check out the Fremont Peak State Park web page to be sure it's open. California has been closing some of its parks due to lack of funds.

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