Monday, January 9, 2012

How Do You Enter the Parking Garage?

The four floor parking garage, as viewed from San Benito Street.
Parking at the Briggs Building parking garage on Fourth and San Benito Streets is free. There are yellow banners on the San Benito Street side of the building that shout Free Parking. You can read them when you're standing in front of the building, but not when you're driving your car and trying to figure how to get into it.

So, I ask again: How do you enter the parking garage?

Fourth Street view.
From Fourth Street?


From San Benito Street?


From Monterey Street?


From Fifth Street?


Briggs Alley?


You enter the parking garage via Briggs Alley, which you access by driving through the small public parking lot between the Vault and the Granada Theater that is on Fifth Street.



So, if anyone says to you during the Farmer's Market season (May through September) that you can conveniently park in the parking garage, know this: Be sure you get there before the farmers and vendors set up their booths and tables.

Update: I forgot to mention that Briggs Alley is one-way. I have been told that on Farmer's Market Day, people are allowed to drive the reverse way on Briggs Alley so that they can enter the parking garage. Seems to me the powers-that-be ought to make that change permanently. 

That gap between the garage and the other building
(Granada Theater) is Briggs Alley.

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