Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Opps in San Benito County

These horseshoes are embedded in the sidewalk across
from the Plaza Stables on Second Street in San Juan Bautista

Hollister. San Juan Bautista. All of San Benito County, for that matter.

I am talking photo opportunities—landscapes, fauna, flora, historical buildings, parades, events, people, and so forth and so on. I ought to know.  For the last 356 days (including today) I have been posting a daily photo. My personal goal is to do it for a year plus one day. So, almost there.

There are quite a few blogs and web sites where you'll find photos from around our sweet county. In fact, Take 25 reader Wanda G. sent me a link a couple of months ago that she thought would be of interest. It certainly is. (Wanda, I apologize for taking so long to post it.) Check it out: NoeHill Travels in California: Photographs of historic sites and points of interest in San Benito County.

Here are a few other links I've found that are interesting.
Travel: San Benito County by Nic Coury

Aerial Photograph Collection–San Benito County Index, University Library, UC Santa Cruz

Debi Shearwater's Journeys: San Benito County Birding

Hemming's Blog: Hollister, CA mid-1950s

Do you know of other cool sites? Please share the links in the comments section.

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