Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Break Time

From the late 1940s to the early 1970s, my dad irrigated many of the farm fields in San Benito County, including some off Bolsa Road, aka Highway 25. He and the fields were my babysitter when I was a small kid.  Sometimes at the end of the day he would let my tiny chubby hands turn off that cartoon-looking pump that somehow fed water to all those irrigation pipes.

To this day I love the lay of the fields as they sprawl towards the hills. The quietness that I remember of the fields still translates whenever I look at them. And, yes, there are days when I drive the Bolsa that I can see me, the little girl playing alongside the irrigation ditches as her father does his work.

Okay, enough of the sentimentality. This here blogger is taking a rest from posting on Take 25 for a a week, maybe two.  Enjoy the summer days and nights.

Until later, dear readers,
Su-sieee! Mac


  1. Enjoy your R & R -- we'll miss you
    ;-)ioZive 18

  2. Thanks, Wonder Wanda. Alas, no R&R. Wish it was though. :-)

  3. Great post and really lovely sentiment/memory about your dad and your connection to the land. Neat!


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