Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The 19th Hole

Martini coins? Jalapeno coins? Popper rounds? 

I just can't remember the name of the delicious deep-fried coin-shaped jalapenos that the 19th Hole Booze & Food serves in a martini glass, topped with an olive. I could just eat that with a green salad and a glass of beer. Yummm. 

The 19th Hole in Tres Pinos has been around since 1883. It's yet another fun place to stop for lunch (Thursday through Sunday) in the small village after a cruise through the back roads of San Benito County, a drop from a plane, a hike at the Pinnacles, a movie in Hollister, or whatever else you've been doing. Dinner, too, I bet. 

For photos, menus, and other stuff about the local watering hole, check out these links: 


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