Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mustard, Yellow

The blur of yellow as we drive past fields and orchards. Ah, here comes a stop light. A chance to take in the yellow up close, as well as the faint aroma of mustard.

By the way have you ever eaten wild mustard? It's quite yummy sauteed in olive oil with a healthy dose of minced garlic and a couple shakes of soy sauce.

The theme for this week, March 10 to March 17, is Spring has Sprung.


  1. That was great ..the speeding version (felt like I was in the back seat) and the stop sign version. And no never tried wild mustard. after hearing wild mushroom mishaps I'd be afraid I'd pick a poson weed or something

  2. As a child, I used to gather bouquets of wild mustard to give to my dad. He proudly displayed them on our kitchen table.


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