Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Stores Coming Soon

Who else is surprised how quickly Walgreen's is going up at the corner of Highway 25 and Tres Pinos Road? When they first began construction, I could not see how a big pharmacy like Walgreen's could fit in that seemingly awkward space. When I saw the building the other day, I was  amazed at how big  it is.

 A Toy Store

Have you heard about Zeebee Toys near Staples? It's not open yet, but it does have a Facebook page. Check it out.


  1. See you have construction going on as well, progress must go on even if we don't need it.

    1. You said it, Bill. We really don't need the Walgreen's. We have more than enough pharmacies for our tiny city, if not county. Still, looking on the positive end, it will provide jobs, hopefully to people from the area, and it will add revenue to the city coffers.

  2. I guess they can use the revenue, but I think that spells the end of Tres Pinos as I've known it: the cute little rest stop on the way to wine country, or to Mercy Hot Springs.

    1. Jean, not to worry, the Walgreen's is on the south end of Hollister. Still far away from the quaintness of Tres Pinos. Thank goodness!


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