Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Conchita's Bakery

We have several Mexican bakeries in town. I like them all. Lately, I've been favoring Conchita's Bakery on 730 San Benito Street whenever I have a yen for something sweet.

What I like about Conchita's sweet stuff is that they aren't so sweet that I feel like my teeth are melting. The dentist should be happy about that. The savory offerings are very yummy, too.

I also like the prices. Fifty cents for a sweet roll. $1.50 for a ham and jalapeƱo roll, which, by the way, is quite hardy.

Conchita's Bakery is located in what was once the bagel place in the old Free Lance building. Still can't picture it? It's on the west side of San Benito Street, between South and Seventh Streets, across from the Blak Sage Gallery. 


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