Saturday, May 16, 2015

M&M Plant Sales Garden Mart

Are you looking for a local independent nursery that sells drought tolerant plants?

Then, M&M Plant Sales Garden Mart is the place to go.

The nursery has two locations. Its main location is 410 Spring Grove Road, off of Fairview Road. In Downtown Hollister, the nursery is on 190 San San Benito Street, at the foot of Park Hill. If you're driving north on San Benito Street, it's easy to miss the entrance.  No problem. Just turn left at First Street, then left onto the gravel lot to the nursery.

The main site is open from Monday to Friday. The downtown spot is open on weekends. It's also open during the week, but I can't recall which days. Visit the nursery's website or Facebook page for more details.


  1. Visiting from the A/Z Road Trip :) Didn't have a chance to visit your blog during the challenge. It is good that there are nurseries out there selling drought resistant or low maintenance plants considering the terrible drought California is in. Used to live in the San Diego area, but relocated to Prescott Arizona the first of this year. Here in Prescott the emphasis is on xeriscape and plants that need little water, hopefully California will start to incorporate more of that.


  2. Hi, Betty. Thanks for dropping by. Slowly, but surely, more people are coming around to xeriscaping. We still have a lawn because the Mama is not ready to let it go, but we rarely water it. I would love to change it over to a drought resistant garden. See ya soon.


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