Friday, May 1, 2015

From the Archives -- Drought!

My blogging brain is spent from participating in last month's Blogging from A to Z April Challenge with both Take 25 to Hollister and The View from the Top of the Ladder.  So, for the next several days, I shall post past stories from my archives. 

Do you recall that we were going through a "significant" drought throughout California from 2007 to 2009? Significant is in quotes because that's how the California Department of Water Resources described it. I'm wondering if we even got out of that drought condition from back then. What do you think?

A little bit of thunder and rain. Yippyy!!
(originally published October 19,2008)

A loud Ka-POW! woke me up early yesterday morning.

“Is that thunder?”

The Husband reassured me it was. I was happy. It has been a long while since I had heard something like that.

A few seconds later, I heard a steady beat on the roof. “Is that rain?”

“Yes,” said the Husband. “Rain.” Deliriously joyed, I fell back to sleep.

Unfortunately, the next time I woke up, the day was brightly shining. The ground and pavement were wet so that was good. Needless to say, the plants were happy, happy.

You bet rain is a big thing. We're going through a d-r-o-u-g-h-t, again. Normally, the rain would’ve stayed throughout the whole weekend and maybe even into the following week. For now, we look at the billowy clouds with hope.


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    1. I have a feeling that with the growing population and decreasing vegetation (not counting agriculture) in our area, drought conditions is going to be a normal thing.


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