Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dark Clouds, But No Rain

We've been having strange weather. High temperatures with humidity, which you'd think would break into rain. Nope.  Dark clouds passing through, which, again, you'd think would result in rain. Ha!

We can only hope that some of this weather may give us a surprise summer rain.


  1. Here we have dark clouds - and - possibly YOUR rain - because here it is over flow of goods . . floods, wind, re-arrangement of neighborhoods , , , perhaps, you're happier with simply dark clouds - and happy hearts . . . Happy July to YOU = in every kind of weather.

  2. Bummer, Georgy, that the rain is pouring over on your side of the world. It does not sound good. We've been in a drought for a few years, so I continue to hope any and all passing dark clouds here would give up some rain. Happy July to you, too. :-)

  3. An impressive sky! Here there is only sun these days ... no clouds!

    1. The sky was definitely impressive. I can't recall if it was this day or the following day that I thought I saw what looked like small whirlpools up in the sky.


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