Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fun at the County Fair

The San Benito County Fair was fun, fun, fun!

Here are a few photos from the Husband's and my day at the fair on Saturday.

The winning Great Pumpkin—771 pounds!

Sleeping cuties.

I love this gal's sophisticated color combination.

Food art by the Girl Scout Troop. 

A blue ribbon winner—well deserved.

"Cowboy boots & local roots was the theme of this year's fair.

Happy memories for these girls.

Pigs can fly!

One of the many amazing and beautiful quilts.

This is a cake!

One of several youth art exhibits featuring a Van Gough theme.

Until next year!

If you'd like to see more fair photos, check out my 2015 San Benito County Fair album at Facebook. You don't need to sign on or have an account to view it.

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  1. Replies
    1. One thing about getting older, I appreciate these joys more. :-)

  2. The fair is very interesting. Wonderful set of images.

  3. It is heartening to see so much creativity at a community fair. I have never seen a pumpkin school bus … that really is thinking outside the box. I have seen pigs doing stunts normally done by dogs and realized then that, given opportunities for exercise as well as training and a good diet, these critters can grow to be very smart and slender!

    1. I wonder if pigs may have been all --smart and slender-- at one time. Maybe actually ruling the animal world.

  4. Oh my gosh this WAS fun....your pictures make me feel like I was right there! Wonderful fair. I loved the creative entries. And I want to try that bubble thing! So cool.

    1. Cool, Sallie. I'm happy that you felt you were there. We watched how the kids got into the bubbles. They sat in a deflated bubble and it was inflated. We didn't see how they got out though.

  5. What a funny and colorful County Fair, thanks for sharing.
    Most I like the chick.
    greetings from Germany

  6. I love a county fair. We don't have one in our town, but we do have lots of parades. - Margy

  7. What fun - and those goats are adorable!


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