Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nano's Caribbean Restaurant

Nano's Caribbean Restaurant is something different for Hollister. It's a wonderful difference, too. Jamaican jerk chicken, coconut prawns with a mango dip, fried plantains, black beans, and more.

The restaurant opened several months ago in the former site of Ella's near Ace Hardware on Airline Highway (aka Highway 25).

The Husband, the Godmother, and I had dinner there earlier this week for the first time. We all ordered dinner plates—jerk chicken for the Husband, coconut prawns for the Godmother, and pulled pork fajitas for myself. Each plate had generous portions of the entree, grilled vegetables, black beans, rice topped with a bit of slaw and pineapple, and a slice of fried plantain.

I not only had a delicious dinner, but lunch as well the next day.


  1. This looks Deeee-licious! Nice portions, too!!! yep. left overs would remind me to plan to return to this great place. (hmmmm . . i wonder if we have a place like this here . . . )

    1. There must be a similar restaurant in St. Louis. A place who held the World's Fair where peanut butter was introduced gotta have a Caribbean restaurant.


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