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Monday, March 3, 2014

Dunneville Cafe & Market

Have you tried the tri-tip sandwich at the Dunneville Cafe & Market yet? Mine was very tender and oooh so very delicious. After the Husband took his first bite, he didn't think it was too far to drive for a take-out sandwich and fries.

The restaurant is on the northwest corner of San Felipe Road and Shore Road, about nine miles from downtown Hollister.  You can also eat there. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. The patio is lovely and relaxing. And, if you're into bocce ball, or want to try it out, regulation bocce courts are available.

Dunneville Cafe & Market opened in 1972, but a store has stood at that corner for many, many years. When I was a kid, I knew it as Dunneville Store. Our family lived behind it, and I remember going to the store a lot to purchase candy, Nehi soda, and comic books. In my mind's eye, I can see the  candy display around the cash register and the comic book stand in the front window on the left of the door. Ah, yes, nothing like good memories. If you'd like to read another one of mine about Dunneville Store, click here to go to my other blog, Don't Be a Hippie.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Natural Wonders

"It's open," said the Husband.

Fortunately, a parking space was available right in front of Natural Wonders, the new health food store and deli in San Juan Bautista.  Ever since we saw its sign go up months ago, we were looking forward to its opening. And just like that, the business was up and running.

The lovely owner, Alma Paulk, happened to be in the store and told us they'd been open for a couple of weeks. She's gradually adding inventory to the beautiful tall and narrow shelves. What she already has stocked is awesome. Manuka honey and organic emu oil, for instance, are what I bought. Both items I would have had to go online or drive to the outer world to purchase. The convenience of Natural Wonders will be nice. Not to say Alma's knowledge about the products.

Along with natural and organic ointments, lotions, supplements, and such, Natural Wonders sells teas, flours,  spices, chips, and other packaged food items. It also offers coffee, juices, freshly baked goods, soup, and sandwiches. The store was grilling organic chicken on their deck for enchiladas. Speaking of the deck. It looks like a great place to hang out. The breeze through the redwood tree branches was very refreshing.

Natural Wonders is located at 215 Third Street, between the Mission Clocks and Watches and the Daisy Saloon. 

A note to the FTC: I was not paid or received anything for free to write about this neat new business. Nope, not at all. Unless, you want to count the information Alma gave me about Manuka honey and emu oil.



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