Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Cafe

We have five Chinese restaurants in Hollister. Our favorites are on the other side of town. When we’re in a hurry, we like to go to The Wok and get something from their buffet counter. When we’re not, we call up Happy Cafe (191-R San Felipe Road, next to McDonald’s) and then go pick up our grub.

Tonight, we ordered four dishes. General Tso’s Chicken, our favorite, was delish as usual. Deep fried, golden-chicken breast strips with a tinge of sweet heat. Better than KFC anytime, and we like KFC.

The vegetable chow fun was a hit, too. But then it’s hard to wreck chow fun for me. Wide strips of rice noodles coated in sauce and grease. Yum! All scrambled up with other ingredients. Tonight the mix was bean sprouts, snow peas, zucchini slices, and other veggies.

The snow peas, mushroom, water chestnut dish was so-so. Maybe if the cook had thrown in a few straw and shitake mushrooms, I would’ve been happy. Just your regular white button mushrooms, and too many of them. I'll be adding garlic and chives to the leftovers tomorrow for more pop.

The fog had started to roll in late this afternoon, so we decided to go for hot and sour soup. Happy Cafe usually makes it the way we like it. Tonight, it was missing something. Both the hot and sour were too subtle. We added a bit of the delicious hot sauce that the waitress gave us. Ah-ha! That did it.

Like any restaurant, Happy Cafe doesn’t score a triple heavenly yum all the time. This was one of those nights. We were still yummily happy. We shall return.

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