Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's Happening?

We no longer have a daily local newspaper. So, Hollister residents no longer have the convenience of knowing what fun things are about to take place in our county. Just by chance, a couple weeks ago at a grocery store, hubby Dick and I saw a poster announcing that a Banjo-ologist was coming to town. $5 for advance tickets. What a deal. That’s even less than senior citizen rates at the local theater.

Mr. Banjo-ologist, Gordy Ohliger, has come and gone. He was here last Friday night at the San Benito High School auditorium (which, by the way, still has red velvet curtains for the stage and windows). It was a delightful show. Mr. Ohliger performed several types of banjos, including one built out of a gourd and goat guts. He sang, banjo-ed, and charmed the audience through American history, from the banjo’s African-Yankee roots to the 1930s jazz era.

Dick and I will definitely look at the grocery store’s bulletin boards from now on!

In addition to grocery stores, we can learn about coming events in and around Hollister at any of these on-line sources:

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