Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dunne Park

What spire is that? That of Sacred Heart Church.

On Tuesday, who had memories of playing as a kid at Dunne Park again? Perhaps you were recalling yourself flying high on the swings or splashing in the wading pool, rolling down that slight slope from Sixth Street, hitting tennis balls or chasing them down, catching a fly ball or rounding the bases, or. . .?

That's where this week's Tuesday in Hollister should've brought you: Dunne Park! 

Dunne Park was named after James F. Dunne, a well-known rancher who died in 1925. His ranch was on San Felipe Road, just north of Dunneville Corners, where Shore and San Felipe Roads meet.  Dunne's widow, Viola, who died in 1930, willed $75,000 to the city of Hollister to build a memorial auditorium. How did the auditorium become a park instead? Anyone know?

The beautiful rose beds that have been at the park since I can recall is described as being a memorial rose garden. I always wondered who we should be remembering. Perhaps it is for James F. Dunne.

Dunne Park was dedicated in 1941, according to "The Historic Downtown Walking Tour" pamphlet (by the San Benito County Historical Society, I believe). Before the grounds on Seventh and West streets became the downtown community park,  Sacred Heart Church was located there. Anyone have photos of the church there?

Recently, the Hollister Youth Alliance received a $100,000 grant to develop a plan for restoring Dunne Park that would increase its use. For more details, read the article Restoring a Neighborhood Treasure  at the Weekend Pinnacle Online.

Okay, one more look at Dunne Park. This was taken during the "Music in the Park" concert last month. Click on it for a larger view.

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