Saturday, September 18, 2010

Outstanding in Their Field: Pumpkins!

After a stop at the Phil Foster farm stand this afternoon, the husband and I headed over to San Juan Bautista via the back roads. On Prescott Road, we came across a field of glorious pumpkins out "standing" in their field. Many of them were huge!


  1. A real pumpkin patch, wow! It scares me actually. I have a love hate relationship with pumpkins patches. I think that whole Peanuts and the Halloween Pumpkin patch thingy when I was a kid messed up my head. I know I ned therapy, but that's expensive. I live here in Brooklyn and so I only see pumpkins in cans on a supermarket shelves - so I'm cool.
    Happy Monday.

  2. Hi, folks, I wrote the comment below on 9/21/10. Since then, I've learned about how to ID spam comments so I've been going deleting 'em and part of this original comment included my response to a spammer. I don't want spammers to get the idea they're welcome here.

    So, on with the show. Here's my comment from 9/21:

    Coffeeveggie addict, I wasn't sure if the photos really showed how big the pumpkins were. I'm glad you've let me know. They were a wonderful surprise to come upon.

    Haupi, I think if the pumpkins weren't orange, they would scare me too. I don't think I would like to come across them in the night. That would be spooky. Whoooooooo! :-)


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