Monday, September 27, 2010

Shop Locally and Support the Haybalers and Other Non-profit Groups

Many of you have probably heard about the budget cuts to the Haybalers sports program at San Benito High School.  Many of us would like to help, but our budgets are tight as well. So, what to do?

Here's one way: Whenever you shop at Nob Hill, a percentage of each purchase can be donated to the San Benito High School athletic program. You could be buying several bags worth of groceries or just a bottle of soda pop.

Here's how that could be: The high school athletic department is participating in the Quality of Life program sponsored by Raley's, of which the local Nob Hill market is part. (It is also known as the Q-Card Scrip Program.) Raley's contributes 1 percent of a shopper's monthly purchases up to $300; 2 percent for purchases between $300 to $500; 3 percent, between $500 to $600; and 4 percent on purchases over $600. As you can see, that adds up a pretty penny for the Haybaler sports program. You can use your card at any Nob Hill, Raley's, or Bel Air Market.

So, how do you start becoming part of this fun? First, you need to get a Quality of Life card and then register it online at Raley's Web site. When you're at the checkout line at Nob Hill, present your card to the cashier, who in turn will swipe it into the computer. That's it.

Here's how to obtain a Quality of Life card: You can pick one up at the Student Activities Office, or have your child get one for you. By contacting Becky Doty, Athletics Department Clerk, at (831) 637-5831, extension 351 or, you can have the card mailed to you.

For more details, click here  to head over to the athletic department Web site. You'll need to scroll down to the section "E Scrip for Athletics."

For details about the Quality of Life program, click here

Other Local Organizations
When I registered my card, I noticed that that the following schools and organizations are participating in the Quality of Life program, too. You can manage your account to divide your contributions between two organizations or among several groups. If you're interested in obtaining a card from a different organization, contact it. Here are the groups:

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