Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shop Locally: A Butcher, A Market

That's right. A butcher shop and a specialty market will be opening in the store front formerly known as Brothers Market, and before that, the Public Drive-In Market, at the corner of South and San Benito Streets.  Yum! Anyone know when the grand opening will be?


  1. Hmm don't know when the opening is bike I like their logo ("good eats..") plus love the pink bike reflection.Had to stop by for a closer look at that hot pink dress. Wow what a confection. I like to look in thos ewindows too. Seaside has a few storefronts for celebration gowns. Neat.

  2. Hi, L.D. Things may be starting to look up over here. Three new businesses will be opening soon. Maybe what we need is an old fashioned department store. If I had the $$, I'd open a bookstore.


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