Wednesday, March 2, 2011

G is for Garbage Dump

It's not what you think. This is at the top of the John Smith Road Landfill, the local dump for San Benito County. It is possible that one of these days, way, way, waaaaaaay in the future, the landfill may be a solid mountain peak like that in the distance. Think about it.

Take 25 is participating in ABC Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt and her friends. Today is the letter G. To check out other G posts, please click here.


  1. our landfill is almost full;a real issue of where to put the GARBAGE!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Did you find anything interesting:-) They are trying to reduce landfill here so too much of it and the council gets fined. Then we don't have the wide open spaces of the US.

  3. Oh no!

    Please visit my first ABC entry, thank you and nice to meet you through ABC.

    I am now your follower, will you follow my blog too?

  4. Roger, so true.

    Joy: There were a few things I wouldn't have minded picking up, but the dump's policy is no more pickings. So, I was a good citizen.

    Ms. Burrito, oh, yes!


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