Thursday, December 1, 2011

100 Things I Like: Using Fresh, Local Products

Can you really make butter by shaking cream in a jar?

Yep. I tried it yesterday with much success.

Step One:
Buy Claravale Farm Cream at Bertuccio's. Located in Paicines, Claravale Farm sells certified raw milk, which they get from Jersey cows.  Yeah, there is a difference in taste.

Step Two: Find someone to shake cream into butter with you. Alternatively, wait until another person is hanging out in the kitchen or nearby. For me, it was after breakfast, while the husband was still reading the newspaper. He kinda had an idea of what was happening.

Step Three:
Get a clean jar with a lid.  Pour whatever amount of the cream that you want into the jar. Screw lid on tightly. I experimented with about a 1/3 to 1/2 jar full of cream.

Step Four: Shake. Shake. Shake. Maybe do a little dance as you shake. After a minute or two, hand jar off to your captive butter-shaking partner. Watch him shake. Shake. Shake. Take turns until you hear no more sloshing in the jar—about seven to 10 minutes.

Step Five: Open the jar. You should see a coagulation of yellow. That's butter. Close jar again and shake vigorously. You should get some liquid. That's buttermilk. Carefully pour the buttermilk into another container.

Step Six:
Add a bit of water to the jar, and shake again to remove any more buttermilky stuff from your butter. Pour liquid into your receptacle. There you go, fresh unsalted butter. And, fresh buttermilk! 

The next time I make butter, I'll be sure to have a loaf of bread from Heavenly Bakery on hand. 

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  1. That's where buttermilk comes from? I had no idea. Not sure I have the endurance for ten minutes of shaking, even with help.

  2. Alice, it goes faster than you think it would. :-)


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