Sunday, December 11, 2011

100 Things I Like: The Post Office Mural

The wooden mural, created during the 1930s Depression, is a beautiful piece of work. But, I also like that mural because every time I see it, I'm reminded of when the mural was hanging in the post office on Fifth Street. I always felt transported to another place when I entered those doors. It always seemed so dark in there. A sense of reverence, too.

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  1. the mural shows me people coming together during a tough time. the benefit of the depression was that people came away from it with a sense of knowing how tough life can be. and that's why for many years the majority of people in this country didn't allow the poor to be totally trampled upon, in my opinion. so much of that generation is gone, and now we have my generation and others, without the experiential knowledge of very tough times. not surprisingly, public policy these days is making life very difficult for poor people as well as creating many more poor people (and super rich). yeah, i got all that from the mural:)

  2. That's pretty cool. It looks like a wood carving.

  3. Ed, I don't know how many times our country has gone through financial meltdowns like these. I like to think that we'll get through it again.

    Alice, I think its considered a wood carving sculpture.


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