Saturday, May 3, 2014

Field of Kale, at Near Dusk

The Husband and I ventured over to the First Friday Art Walk in San Juan Bautista yesterday afternoon. At the Mission Gallery, we listened to artist Micah Schwaberow describe the traditional Japanese moku-hanga woodblock technique that he used for his woodblock prints. He showed us the various woodblocks he carved for China Cove, Morning Light and the stages on paper of getting the colors, lighting, depth, and all that he wants to have in his print. The work is precise, complicated, and, I thought, very exciting.

Listening to the artist and viewing at his work and those of other artists were quite overwhelming to our senses. The idea to visit all of the galleries went out the window. We could always come back on the next art walk or just another day. After all, San Juan is only several miles away.

Well, okay, we did go into one more gallery, the Rare Light Gallery. Wow! Wow! Wow! said the Husband and me as we walked over the threshold and were struck with awe at the extra-large prints of amazing photos by owner Larry Gerbrandt. I love how he captured the wonder of light in his photos. Check out, for example,  his online gallery featuring San Juan Bautista.

Mr. Gerbrandt told me that the best time to take photos is at dawn and dusk. He said that he doesn't shoot between 10 and 4. Silly me. I told him how photos I took on a slightly overcast day looked great. He shook his head. By the time we left the gallery, I had a new mantra, not between 10 and 4.

So, of course, on the way home on Highway 156, I leaned out the window and took photos. And, yes, the Husband drove.


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    1. You're right! I went back and blew up my photo and saw what you see -- curly-leaf kale. That's even a better title. Thank you, Unknown! :-)


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